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 MEET YOUR COACH| Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist Specialist, Health Coach

            Hi I’m Crystal. I'm the owner and founder of Perfect Hour Fitness. My aspiration with training is to inspire others to work on their best self and let them know that it's the perfect time to start their fitness journey.

After my father’s passing in 2009, due to a heart attack, I decided to take action and change my lifestyle to live a healthier life. I began to take my physical training seriously and became a Certified Personal Trainer in 2017. I became a Certified Nutritionist Specialist in 2019 after recognizing the importance of nutrition as it relates to fitness. This knowledge allowed me to better assist myself and clients on a personal and customized level. 

I started to realize that exercise and diet wasn’t enough for some of my clients. I've experienced this myself when I've hit roadblocks with my personal fitness. I wanted to be able to better assist my clients who faced these challenges as well. This is when I decided to become a Certified Health Coach. As a Certified Health Coach, I'm an expert in health, psychology, and fitness. I provide essential training to help clients overcome struggles that are leading to lack of goal accomplishment, motivation, or behavior change. 

                              Years of experience and education combined make me YOUR well versed coach!

 I currently reside in Charlotte, North Carolina and provide in-person services to those in Concord, Charlotte, and surrounding areas. I also currently offer online services such as virtual training and nutrition coaching to clients all across the US. 

                             Perfect Hour Fitness also has merchandise and products to represent the brand!

You are at the right place! I'm a resource to assist you to where you want to go in your overall health and fitness journey. Let’s get started!