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Stepping Outside of Comfort Zone.. with Food

What's happening!

 I hope all is well! Thank you for subscribing to Perfect Hour Fitness! As you all know life is forever changing, which allows you to create experiences. I wanted to share one of my experiences that I was so excited about. 

I tired Indian food for the first time this week! Yes, I'm excited because I LOVE FOOD! I was mostly excited because I stepped outside of my comfort zone while doing something I love to do, EAT! lol


     The dish that I selected was Chicken Makhani (Butter Chicken). It was so creamy, spicy, and seasoned perfectly! It came with an order of basmati rice. I've made basmati rice multiple times before BUT not like this. It was fluffy and warm! You can really tell how excited I am about this dish right. lol Not only am I excited about this dish, I'm excited about stepping outside of my comfort zone. I'm in the nutrition/wellness industry so food is important. I'm also a creature of habit so I can eat the same things over and over with satisfaction. I do stick to my basics because I know how my body will respond to it so anything outside of it I don't really pay attention it. NOW.. I'm more open to try more foods that respond to my body well and that I really enjoy. I welcome you to doing the same starting this week. I encourage you to push yourself in unfamiliar places, to do things that you wouldn't normally do. Step outside of your comfort to create more experiences! 

    Have a great week!



    (pic of  my dish)